Hosting for websites generally consists of 2 parts: The Domain Name Registration, and the Hosting Service.

Domain Name Registration is the “Your Name Here” in whereas, Hosting Service is the actual storage of files and web content, which is the raw data for your website.

As a courtesy to our clients, has established – where we have set the prices to $1 dollar above wholesale. While most hosting solutions begin at $35 a year for domain names, we set our price to $9 a year, with Free Domain Name Transfers. (So incase you already have your domain with another Registrar, we offer free transfers). Our Hosting service starts at $54 a year, whereas most companies are charging $112 a year to start.

Do not think for 1 single moment that we may have compromised any quality of service or features, as we offer “unlimited everything” ranging from typical “shared hosting” all the way up to “dedicated hosting” services.

For more info, visit our hosting website, or feel free to reach out to us at any time.


Choose a domain name for your personal or business website and have your unique web address on the World Wide Web. Simply think of a name which will best convey to your visitors the idea of your website, and choose its best matching domain extension (.com, .net, .tv, .info, etc). If you already own a registered domain name, simply transfer it to us or host it as an existing domain.

If you are not sure of the best domain name to use, reach out to us and let us help you choose! We have over 20 years experience on the Internets, and we can provide you with the choices which will best reflect your interests.

Choose a hosting plan for your domain name, to ensure sufficient web space and resources for your website. Check out our offerings and grab the plan that best suits your personal/business requirements in terms of characteristic/special features and volume quotas. Take our powerful marketing and web content tools, coming as free extras with each hosting package, and create your own unique World Wide Web area.

All our shared hosting plans come with our in-house built multi-lingual Control Panel. Check out the Control Panel Demo.

Take your Virtual Private Server now and enjoy the freedom to set up and manage your own hosting environment. With a VPS at hand you will be a virtual master of your own server and will be able to install any necessary software without needing to comply with the other users on the machine. With your VPS hosting plan you get a generous set of CPU, RAM memory and network resources, which you will be able to take advantage of at any time. All that is coming to you at a reasonable monthly price!
We are offering a semi-dedicated server solution to all users who need more server resources for their web presence than a shared web hosting or VPS hosting account could ensure. Each semi-dedicated server account is loaded with unlimited quotas of disk space, monthly traffic, hosted domains, emails, etc. and you will be able to avail of impressive amounts of CPU and MySQL queries for your growing websites. Also, your semi-dedicated server is coming with a free user-friendly Control Panel, developed entirely by us.
If your web presence has grown so much that your current shared hosting service can no longer match your resource requirements, then you will be advised to think of migrating to a dedicated server setup. Our dedicated servers will allow you to keep under control your own hosting machine where you will be totally independent as far as online/offline content management operations are concerned. Each server setup boasts a robust hardware configuration, powerful memory parameters and stable network characteristics to ensure that your web presence grows proportionally to its ever expanding needs.