SHS-Media uses several methods of service, depending on your needs:

Your Online Presence: Your presence online is vital to how your potential clients or visitors view you or your business. Often times, visitors spend an average of 2 to 5 seconds on your website, before they already have decided if they will continue with you.

SHS-Media has several years of experience in many areas online. We will work together with you, to determine what it will take to reach your desired online results.

No matter if you’re looking to simply update your current web presence or create a new one, SHS-Media will deliver for you on every step. Our clients vary from a wide and diverse spectrum.

Services which we provide include:

  • Professional Web 2.0 designs, tailored to your specification
  • Web Hosting, ensuring that you always have complete control of your website
  • Trends marketing analysis, based on prior analytical search results
  • Search Engine Optimization lists your site in all major search engines
  • Your website on Google, Yahoo, or MSN paid search or advertising
  • Your website on Social Media, such as FaceBook paid search or advertising
  • An army of online affiliates to promote your product, service, or website
  • »» Plus much more!

Learn more:

What does it take to be successful online?

Online success is defined by your goals. Often times, people will want as many visitors to their site as possible, and so their goal is to get a large number of hits to their website, every month.

Simple enough, but what good is it to have so many visitors, unless the traffic converts into sales? Even if the traffic is targeted towards your niche, what separates buyers (or visitors taking action) from casual browsers?

These are important goals to address when working towards becoming successful online. We work hard to drive laser targeted traffic, because we understand 1000 buyers is much different then 1000 visitors, who are browsing.

What are affiliates, and how can they work for me?

Affiliates, or affiliate marketing is when you have outside sales people who make sales for you (online or offline), and they are paid a commission only, per sale.

Generally, an affiliate is able to market your products or services using methods which your own company may not be able to. For example, an affiliate would be able to mention your company’s service in their own personal Facebook page to their friends and family, or, they could for example write strong independent reviews of your products or services.

This is a very powerful tool for many reasons. Affiliates are only paid a small commission if they make a sale, and having an army of affiliates promoting your product or service is similar to having a sales staff, but without the overhead costs (payroll taxes, insurance, training, advertising costs, etc). Once an affiliate program is introduced, it’s possible to have 100’s and even 1000’s of affiliates to promote your products or services, and they only make a commission if they make a sale.

Almost every major company relies on affiliates, including the likes of, Walmart, E-Trade, Apple, and more. Contact us today if you have questions regarding affiliates, or if you would like to incorporate an affiliate program to boost your bottom line.