SHS-Media will provide you with the highest standards in affordable web design services. We utilize cutting-edge technology to create websites which will exceed your visitor’s expectations.

It is important for your site to present a professional image. SHS-Media has helped numerous people and small to large-scale companies attain the image which they are looking for. We take care to study the needs and desires of your target market and we develop your site with those needs in mind.
When it comes to the design and development of your site, SHS-Media is not just your service provider; we’re your partner. You retain total control of the development of your site, ensuring results which will meet all of your expectations. No hassles, no guesswork, and most importantly, no wasted time.

If you don’t know much about the Internet, don’t worry. We know that your first step into the online world can be an intimidating one. We’ll use our skills and experience to create an online version of your offline corporation or persona, aimed at helping your business achieve maximum profits at minimal expense.

Professional Web Design vs. Amateur Web Design

When it comes to website design, often times a site is created in somebody’s nephew’s basement – and you can tell. Search engines like Yahoo and Google are able to differentiate between a home made website, versus a professional website, due to how the website is set up.

All of our websites come complete with a CMS (content management system) which allows for easy back-end access by you, to edit your website’s content, such as pictures, phone numbers, items for sale, and more, all with just a few clicks of the mouse. This content management system stores all data in your database, located on your hosting servers.

Because of this small difference, search engines see contents being pulled from a database instead, which translates to them that you are an authority site, ie:  a professional site. This difference is one of the keys which allows for us to easily rank all of our sites very high in the search engines.

All of our sites utilize industry standards, such as: Web2.0, W3C, HTML 5, CSS/CSS3, MySQL, PHP,  JQuery, and WordPress CMS.

Additional feature integrations may include: google calendar, video/photo galleries, newsletters, blogs, contact forms, social media (facebook/twitter etc), credit/debit card payments, and more!

Connect with your visitors and engage them with web 2.0 features including mailing lists, blogs, interactive forums, and more!